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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

palabres 24

Her love life
Shaken not stirred
With a cherry on top

The men who can’t love are many
Many are the men who can’t love

Flying paper planes gets high with the wind’s puff

She’s pretty ugly … How can she be pretty and ugly?!

She’s like a child under those lonely sheets
She’s gonna fool you
She’s gonna fool you

She turns him on
He puts her down

She doesn’t know why they call the dirty thoughts: dirty…She would call them delicious

L’amour est myope…Pour changer…

Moi m’aime!

L’homme à la barbe de trois jours
Un poil indécis
Se cache derrière ses doutes
Se masque de désinvolture masculine

C’est beau un homme qui doute


  1. Anonymous18 July, 2010

    strange... no comments!

  2. Anonymous19 July, 2010

    you bet!