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Saturday, February 23, 2013

You should (…) 47

You should sit in silence more often

You should know I love animals except the ones that drive cars

You should know that Carrot juice + Ginger + Apple, Boosts and cleanse our system

You should know that knowing what you want is not difficult, getting it is

You should touch this

You should know that every thing is negociable but not every thing can be sold

You should know that Eric Sonnenschein said "I wish I had a dollar for every client who joked that he couldn't write, had no talent, and knew nothing about advertising before he changed every word of every piece I submitted for his cursory review."

You should know that « Amen to that!”

You should know that someone said: “Do you want to push paper around or do you want to build products that change people's lives?”

You should change people's lives

You should let go of the determination of winning arguments

You should not compare your self to others; you don’t know their secrets

You should not forgive every one for every thing

You should stay in touch with your friends and family

You should get rid of things you don’t use

You should smile while you walk without looking stupid

You should make people smile every day

You should be grateful for what you have

You should realize you’re 21 and I’m 34

You should get use to the idea that life isn’t fair

You should know that early in his career Mr. Trintignant once memorably proclaimed that “the best actors in the world are those who feel the most and show the least.”

You should know that Bukowski said: “An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.”

You should know we are natural storytellers

You should know I love the TV series “lie to me”

You should know that "LIKE" was the most overused word in America in 2012

You should take more selfies

You should never underestimate a good idea

You should master the art of loneliness

You should, well, Meh…

You should be a little less (…) tonight

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