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Sunday, September 08, 2013

You should (…) 58

--> You should know that “Gluten tag” is a gluten free greeting

You should know I am part of the slash generation

You should know if you were in my shoes, would you feel comfortable?

You should know that “abashed” means ashamed, embarrassed

You should know that I know what “adulterate”, “loquacious”, “desiccate”,  “gullible”, “prevaricate”, “pellucid” and “innocuous” means

You should know that it is just unbelievably scary how low the level of kid TV shows is in Lebanon

You should know that the concept of entrepreneur was first introduced in 1723 by French economist Richard Cantillon it was however more clearly articulated, codified, and coined in the writings of Jean Baptiste Say beginning in 1803

You should know that an entrepreneur sees the opportunity, even if they don’t currently have the resources to achieve it

You should read “Freakonomics”

You should know how to use Anger to your Advantage

You should know that willpower as well as brains is something that we can build up through practice like a muscle

You should know that a meeting purpose is to “decide and commit” and nothing else

You should know that “popping” is a kind old dance born in the 70’s

You should know Booker T. Washington, taught black not to protest against discrimination, but to elevate themselves through industrial education, hard work and property accumulation; then, they would ultimately obtain recognition of their citizenship right, some other population should learn from that

You should know if Facebook really donates 1$ for sharing a pic!

You should know that 350 Action, a climate change activist group, is petitioning the World Meteorlogical Organization to change their naming system of storms from randomly selected names, such as Katrina and Sandy, to the names of actual policy makers who deny climate change. The campaign, at

You should know Retweeting your self is actually the end of the world

You should know that Microsoft bought Nokia

You should know it’s time for “slow dance” revival

You should know today’s trend is the generalists one. Our problems are so diverse that only someone who has a general view can understand the broad picture and find the solution

You should know that the Europeans gained 11 cm in the last 100 years

You should know that there is a frog that hears with her mouth

You should know the five C’s are: confidence, commitment, contribution, conviction and culture fit

You should know that trademark abuse is where the trademark owner improperly uses their position to threaten or file suit against someone who is not infringing

You should know that if one person is the first to use a particular mark with significant effect, then another person or company that uses that mark later has no right to sue the first person who used it. And if the second person uses the mark in such a way that it creates a strong enough effect on the marketplace, then the first person has no right to sue the second person who uses it and created significant effect with it. In other words, rights should be based on capability and action, and not mere claiming of it. In other words, rights of use should be based on “I used it first” and/or “I used it well.”

You should know that Margaret Sanger worked as a nurse among poor women on New York City's Lower East Side and became an advocate for women's health. In 1912 she gave up nursing and dedicated herself to the distribution of information about birth control (a term she's credited with inventing)

You should know that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a mediocre student at Harvard, he drew on his family connections to enter politics. But as president, FDR guided the nation through two of its biggest crises: the Great Depression and World War II

You should take time to read the room when you enter it

You should know that great names in history are the ones who were multitalented persons like for example Leonardo da Vinci (Italian Renaissance polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer, botanist, and writer.), Paul Robeson (perhaps the most all-around talented American of the twentieth century. He was an internationally renowned concert singer, actor, college football star and professional athlete, writer, linguist (he sang in twenty-five languages), scholar, orator, lawyer and activist in the civil right union and peace movements) Aristotle, (Greek philosopher who studied under the great Plato and taught Alexander the Great. His writings covered a plethora of subjects including metaphysics, poetry, physics, logic, music, theatre, rhetoric, government, politics, biology, ethics and zoology.)

You should know why do they all drink their pills in a weird way in American movies

You should know that video games are good for senior’s concentration

You should visit Hôtel Ostel in Berlin

You should always remember a leader is only a leader because the people get him there and his job is to serve those people

You should know that if no pain no gain

You should aim to be less (…) every day

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