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Saturday, November 02, 2013

You should (…) 61

You should slow down on the lips enhancement or else it will look like your vagina

You should know tears are when you can’t find words

You should know social networks spread anger much more effectively than they spread joy or sadness

You should know that what we wear changes how we think

You should know Vivienne Westwood - the inventor of punk, a truly innovative genius - she said people who wear impressive clothes have better lives

You should know she chose career over family

You should know she was in love with a narcissist pervert

You should stay kind, humble and respectful, always

You should know there are a lot of idiosyncratic rituals described in Mason Currey's book, about the morning rituals of creative renowned people. These include Beethoven counting out exactly 60 beans for his morning cup of coffee and Benjamin Franklin starting his day with an "air bath" which basically involved sitting around naked. Jean Paul Sartre ingested ten times the recommended daily dose of Corydrane (amphetamine and aspirin). Igor Stravinsky stood on his head to clear his brain. 

You should know that the Dalai Lama, was between the first to sign up for brain scans when researchers began taking interest in meditation’s effects on our brain

You should know my neighbour is a prick

You should know that New Yorkers missed the chance to own an original Banksy for just $60

You should know that in good we trust

You should stop Competing – Start Winning by Innovating

You should know that “Whoever owns the language, owns knowledge," Pattberg says

You should know I do not and will probably never understand the veil issue

You should request Muslim men to wear the veil

You should follow this blog, sleep less and read me more (…)

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