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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Swimming in mediocrity at the LEBANESE UNIVERSITY

Dear all Lebanese University students at Hadat campus. Not specifically my students.

THIS is NOT acceptable.

I am VERY upset about what is happening today at the university. The subject of your strike, the slogan hanged at the door of the classes, the way you locked the classes, the lack of respect for your teachers and the two invited lecturers.

First of all if you want extra marks: STUDY. Study you lazy, mediocre ones.
Instead of asking for extra free marks ask for a better teaching level, for a better library, for more workshops and lectures.

Second: If you want to organize a strike and forbid us to teach, and to THREATEN HITTING US if we do, make an announcement ahead of time so we know what to expect.

We are not obliged to spend two hours time from our homes to Hadath and on the way back for nothing. Believe me we have better to do.

If you like spending your time sitting on the floor under the sun, nagging, we on the other hand have WORK to do, BOOKS to read, and DIGNITY.

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