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Thursday, July 24, 2014

You should (…) 67

You should know I find myself rather courageous to have previously written some passages on this blog

You should know reading my self after a while is always a discovery

You should not forget to breathe

You should know I love to watch those videos where they make animals talk

You should know why beautiful memories make you cry

You should learn how to relax
You should know THC in Marijuana kills cancer

You should know penguins are faithful as well as wolfs

You should know dogs, like mosquitoes don’t like lemon grass 

You should understand why the more they are poor, the more they make children

You should understand why they walk on the streets and park on sidewalks

You should know it’s unbearable to watch a Lebanese TV series for more than 30 seconds. Lebanese actors are so bad it hurts my 6 senses

You should know that if I think my friend is bad at what he does, it doesn’t mean I don’t value him as a friend, respect him and cherish our friendship    

You should know it’s hard to succeed without showing your breast

You should know my opinion is my opinion, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean I’m right

You should embrace shit to survive

You should sleep a little less (…) tonight

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