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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Palabres 75

The fact that women can’t say: “I have one child, or at least he’s the only one I know about” makes all the difference.

Why do they sell diamonds so expensive, there are plenty of rocks!

Do some of my students really think I’m going to play candy crush with them,
I mean come on!

Non non non non non


Cet home, c’est une femme !

Romantic comedy was a bad choice.
Bad choice.

And they don’t come back like in the movies

I like this human
So what

Never expect a man to give you the expected answer

It’s not always about what to say
When you need to say it
At that exact moment
The hardest thing is to look into someone’s eye
In silence
Forgetting about what he sees
Focusing on what you see
Searching for that connection
Listening to the breathing
For a second
Be rapid
Catch the lie

Sitting sad at the bar
At happy hour

I wish I didn’t have ambitions
I would have enjoyed life in a simple way

They are children

He’s not entirely unappealing
But it’s not enough
In the very dull reality of life

Buying guns
From vending machines
Killing runs
In their genes  

De petites doses
Qui ne les tuent pas
Mais fait d’eux des tueurs

Tuez à moi

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