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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


You come
You go
I come
You go


  1. I revisit sometimes the words of a girl
    When I want a break from my leaning and longing
    It feels as if I am carrying her soul in my palm
    My reasons prove fool and frail before the brook of wanting
    I start journeying
    I linger sometimes
    I find God seeking the pearl in my breast
    My heart like it were a fish with Raphael
    Burning as if its passion had been baptized
    I sometimes revisit the words of a girl
    And I have got God on my side
    I stumble out the way of the gate
    I slip into malady
    To enchant her spirit
    To have her near me
    To have her near me
    Is a wanting that challenges my selflessness
    I start assuming the form of a river
    Of a dog
    Of a colt
    of a swan
    I climb the olympus and feast with the ancients
    I drink all Israel's wine without a drop gone waisted
    To become master over her desire
    I learn the fires
    No not Zeus nor Dionysius
    Not all the saints of heaven
    To be woken without touching
    To be found again under the water and over the broken bridges
    Icons, the tiniest shards of memory
    And the sweetest flower of disbelief and uncertainty and all the fortune of agony under time and the entire wilderness
    Bathsheba the sin of David
    She mine.

  2. I cook
    You wash
    I cook
    You wash