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Monday, January 07, 2013

You should (…) 44


You should risk your lives more often

You should know that marketing as most of us know it, no longer exists 

You should know that today, marketing is about tricking online consumers into seeing ads for products they don’t want and don’t believe in

You should know that I like black, white, grey, blue and olive

You should realize Tunisia is farther than I thought

You should be dancing with the stairs

You should know I feel less safe in this country full of shit

You should know I have mac book prob

You should fucking move on

You should discern bang from bong

You should ask your self where are the elegant men

You should appreciate a hot bath when it’s stormy outside

You should always remember important dates

You should tell when a friend is saying he’s ok but he’s not

You should know that I laugh most of the time at things no body finds funny and vice versa

You should know a late night bird is an early bird

You should know that a man could have the most beautiful woman and always want the other one

You should know I am ready for my third tattoo

You should be gentle on your self but sharp with your decisions

You should be a little less (…) tonight

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