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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You should (…) 49



You should set free the wild animal in you

You should watch BEASTS of the SOUTHERN WILD: now that’s a movie

You should know “Ratafia de Bourgogne” is fine liquor. The taste of macerated raisin is well preserved

You should know that I’m inspired by the fact that in English the “I” is always a capital letter

You should know that when I write using the “I” it’s not always mine but sometimes, it’s the “I” of another

You should know I love dresses

You should breathe better

You should know if cockroaches are really big in NYC

You should know I had something really interesting that I wanted to write in this article. I recorded it on my cell phone while sitting in traffic but mistakenly did not save it. When I got home I discovered that and now I’m pissed because I can’t remember that striking idea I wanted to share

You should try to be more tolerant to stupidity

You should know that Facebook is not a waste of time if you don’t waste your time on it

You should look into their eyes when you talk to them, watch their micro expressions as well as their body language

You should comprehend that not every thing can be said by   
-->text message or mail; sometimes you just have to call

You should have the courage to say problematic things clearly and courteously face to face

You should know how to choose between two shitty movies

You should not relate every thing to your self; you are not the center of the universe

You should never, ever, allow your self to be rude to your friends

You should maintain your sense of self what ever happens

You should download the pope’s app

You should know that some songs make you go back in time; you feel the genuine emotions you felt at the time while others transport you to the future and make you generate the emotion you would like to experiment

You should know I’m anxious at night

You should know you couldn’t learn creativity

You should know my brain doesn’t function the same way whether I’m writing in English, French or Arabic

You should Know, even if it’s chocking, that you are not obliged to love your parents

You should know Beirut is becoming more and more aggressive, full of hatred, ugly

You should follow your own little white rabbit

You should not do every thing you are told to do

You should sleep a little less (…) tonight

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