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Monday, May 06, 2013

You should (…) 53

You should know Lebanese people are in majority full of shit; shit that they throw mainly out of their cars

You should tell: good writing is easy to read but writing well is difficult to achieve

You should try changing the font so it’s difficult to read if you want to make your writing less fluent to you

You should know sometimes I’m tired of being positive

You should know that Aristotle believed that all human action is to attain happiness

You should stop picking your nose while sitting in the traffic jam

You should get a free phone with every phone line like in other countries

You should not work more than 40 hours a week states a new scientific research

You should know I hate the new I Tunes, hate it!

You should watch “Chained” the movie directed by Jennifer Lynch

You should know “Sister my sister” is one of the most powerful movies I ever saw, directed by Nancy Meckler

You should be more aware of how you talk to yourself in you head

You should know happy people use to make me feel nauseous, not any more, just the “too happy people”

You should watch “The Void” and “Irreversible” the same night and sleep well

You should know pain

You should know the red sweet peppers make me blush

You should know It’s not  « don’t drink and drive » but « don’t drink then drive »

You should know the essence of religion doesn’t need religion to figure it out

You should know Mambo is Salsa

You should watch “petite mort” from Jirí Kylián

You should know FIFO is “first in first out”

You should know students that spend too much time on the Internet have lower grades then the ones who read actual papers and listen to music

You should know I’d never be 100% ready for my exams

You should have a non-selfish time for yourself on a daily basis

You should stay open to what the universe send you and be ready for inspiration when you least expect it

You should know you are by yourself, what ever you do

You should get less (…) every day

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