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Friday, July 26, 2013

Palabres 69

 Temperature is rising
In Beirut this summer
A moist ground for playing
With words so temper

Disbanded thoughts
Confused emotions
This can’t be right
This can’t be done

A shoulder to cry on
Cannot cry on a shoulder

One more
Just for fun
It’s not fun
Any more

Your intrinsic smile
Is beautiful to me
Your intrinsic smile
Is rewarding to me

If French kissing is forbidden,
Which nationality of kissing is okay?

Dans un vaisseau spécial
Se casser

He doesn’t break skin
But he breaks heart
Moreover, he breaks trust

Missing to be missed

Les paupières
Gorgées de sommeil
Elle chancelle

Il est en seinbiose totale !

This, I can’t write

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