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Monday, July 29, 2013

You should (…) 56


You should always be prepared with a crisis management plan in Lebanon

You should cut down expenses, reinforce your current product and keep your morals high

You should know if Jean-Jacques Rousseau was right about “ A Drunk Mind Speaks A Sober Heart.” History and neuroscience says no

You should get a real-life digital tattoo, an electronic tattoos that could be implanted on your skin and be used as passwords for your digital devices. Motorola’s Regina Dugan discussed electronic tattoos at the All Things D conference in May

You should know we’re all too busy… missing another life and opportunity’s and stuff

You should know “Religion is the science of the masses. Science is the religion of the elite”.
From 'Atatьrk: An Intellectual Biography' by M. Şьkrь Hanioğlu

You should know if the internet is destroying our lives

You should know that eating food with inappropriate cutlery doesn’t help to taste it correctly

You should think of where you see your self in ten years from now

You should know that moonbows occurs right after a full moon

You should know that the base -10 numerical systems are convenient for a reason of anatomy; we have 10 fingers to count on

You should know that he’ll never be yours and you’ll never be priority

You should know I know why I’m not writing much nowadays but will not reveal that to you

You should master your job, challenge your self and focus

You should know that C-section or Caesarean section was called like that because Julius Caesar was delivered that way

You should know Steve Jobs got fired from Apple, the company he founded. Only to return a few years later to turn it into one of the most successful companies ever

You should know that Walt Disney was fired from an early job at the Kansas City Star Newspaper because he was not creative enough

You should know that many publishers rejected J.K. Rowling's manuscript outright for reasons like 'it was far too long for a children's book' or because 'children books never make any money

You should know Tony Appleton, the town crier who announced the birth of Royal baby, was an imposter

You should never deliver something not perfect

You should know you are destined to greatness, he said to (…)

You should know men love their muscles, even the minutest ones

Should you raise your children to survive in this barbarian society or be good humans?

You should be less (…) every day

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